Vehicle auction services in Japan are among the most reliable and renowned in the world.

When a vehicle enters an Auction House, it will be received by a professional who will inspect the vehicle in every details. The inspector will fill up a vehicle information form where he will indicate the following : every vehicle identification informations, the mileage, maintenance records if available, every bodywork, chassis and mechanical defect(s), every replaced or repainted bodywork part(s), every aftermarket parts. Finally the inspector grants a score for the overall exterior and interior condition.

All these informations allows you to have an overall view on the vehicle.


  • Why should I need Revsedge’s services ?

The services that our team Revsedge provides the client are as follows :

–  find a vehicle from Japan satisfying your demands

– ease the import procedure

– reduce as much as possible importation fees to get the vehicle to Europe

The Revsedge fee is 1,200€ all tax included at a fixed rate, no matter the type or value of the vehicle.


  • How do I import a vehicle ?

First contact

At the first contact we are listening to you to get an idea of which brand and model of vehicle you are looking for, we will then define the selection criteria of the vehicle, set a coherent budget and your location.

The budget factor is very important, it will decide whether the project is feasible or not.


Once the maximum bidding budget is agreed on, it will be possible to proceed with the next steps :



If the client wants to participate in the auction, he will be asked to pay a deposit including :

  • Revsedge fee (1,200€ TTC), fixed fee
  • Vehicle deposit (20% of the maximum bid agreed on prior)

At this point Revsedge will send to the client an Auction Information Sheet describing every bit of information included in auction sheets and the commonly used abbreviations. This will give the client all the necessary informations to avoid any confusions during the vehicle search.


Vehicle research

We will send you the week’s vehicle’s offer(s) corresponding to the selection criterias agreed on prior. When you find a vehicle that matches your expectations, we will translate the according vehicle’s auction sheet. Upon request we can arrange a pre-inspection before the auction starts, thanks to our well established services with our japanese partner, a professional agent in the field with many years of experience.


Bidding on the vehicle

If you wish to bid on the vehicle we contact our partner to give the green light for the bidding at the maximum defined budget.

The auction results are generally given in the following hours after the end of the auction, so the same day.



When the auction is won the remaining balance must be paid within 2 to 3 days after the final invoice of the vehicle, where the following charged : the remaining balance of the vehicle, japanese agency fees, transport fees.


Vehicle maintenance (optional service)

Upon request we can arrange thanks to our partner in Japan maintenance, bodywork and/or modification services on the vehicle (japanese VAT applied), doesn’t apply additional customs clearance charges.


Vehicle Transport

Once the official documents are released (up to 10 business days), the vehicle will be in the queue for transportation to a home port of your choosing  in Europe. Estimated transportation times 6 to 10 weeks once the cargo ship leaves the port in Japan.


Export paperwork

The japanese vehicle registration documents are converted in Export Certificate ( japanese + english translation) by the japanese customs services. The original Export Certificate form and every items left by the previous owner (key double, maintenance records, etc… if available) will be shipped at your address by priority mail.


Customs clearance

The vehicle files will be processed by a customs agent when the vehicle arrives at the european homeport. They will issue a paper asking you to pay : customs duty, customs fee and VAT.

Once paid, customs will issue a CD846A document (France) or a T2L document (France and Europe). These documents allows the vehicle on european soil and will be accepted for it’s registration procedure.


Continental Europe transport

Once customs clearance paid, you have either the choice of taking delivery of the vehicle directly at the homeport or you can choose to get it delivered by a transporter. We are here to assist you in case of need.


Vehicle registration

Revsedge can assist you for the registration of your vehicle, thanks to our many partners in France and Europe.